years of experience in the tissue industry have enabled SERVIPAP to be a company based in Jacksonville, Florida, dedicated to meet the demands of its customers in the tissue converting industry.
Through out the years, solid business partner ships have been formed with manufacturers of:

• High quality tissue converting machines
• Paper mills for the supply of core stock
• Paper mills for the supply of jumbo rolls of tissue, towel & napkin

Reliable and proven partner ships geared with a strong commitment to supply tissue paper converters in the North American, Latin American and Caribbean market shave enabled SERVIPAP to assist converters with efficient and cost-effective solutions for their converting needs.

During the course of the years, our management and technical teams have been involved in the tissue industry as tissue converters and machine manufacturers, giving SERVIPAP a unique insight of the tissue converting world from different perspectives. This experience has enabled our company to differentiate itself from being solely a paper broker or machine manufacturer by combining both services for tissue converters…making us a long term source…from the supply and startup of tissue converting machines to supplying raw materials for your operations.

We welcome you to our website to get glance of our products, services, company and most importantly to provide you an accessible alternative when it comes to:

• New Tissue Converting Machines
• Pre-Owned Tissue Converting Machines
• Parent Rolls of Tissue, Towel, Napkin and Core Stock
Fully automatic, high speed, gearless technology converting lines.
Engineered and manufactured in Lucca, Italy with worldwide support.

• From 2 to 5-plies cores.
• Core length set from PLC.
• Web alignment system for precise glue application.
• Core bin with endless belt to feed cores to rewinder.
• Up to 2.0” core diameter (Consumer) and 3.5” core diameter (Away-from-Home).

• Automatic web alignment.
• Standard diameters of 2500mm (98”).
• Tension control systems available with load cells.
• Optional hydraulic lifting arms for parent rolls (in the event an overhead crane is not used).

• Lamination with colored glue in lieu of printing units.
• Accurate embossing pressure monitored and adjusted from PLC.
• Double Embossing system that can be easily upgraded to lamination.
• Precise servo motors for steel embossers, anilox, cliché and plybonding rolls.
• Easy and fast change of embossers with coupling system (DESL, Point-Point, Random).
• Frame design to open up top & bottom for easier maintenance and change of embossing rolls.

• Speeds from 600 meters/minute (1970 ft/minute).
• Lower roll automatically accommodates different core diameters.
• Winding speed, log diameter, log tension and density adjusted from PLC.
• Advanced servo motors drive the winding rolls (upper, lower and rider rolls).
• Surface winding with patented transfer system for Consumer and AFH rewinders.

• Up to 40 cycles per minute.
• Tail seal is applied with glued bar exiting from glue tank.
• Different glue lines can be achieved with different covers on the glue bar.
• Glue line is positioned on top of the log to avoid sticking to trays on accumulator.

• FIFO system log loading and discharge onto log saw with log loader.
• Capacities from 200 to 400 logs (Consumer) & 40 logs (Away-From-Home).

• All log parameters and adjustments selected on the PLC.
• Automatic grinding system with option to adjust grinding angles.
• Max log diameters 160mm (6.3”) Consumer lines and 350mm (13”) Away-From-Home lines.
• Away-From-Home log saw can use 810mm diameter blades for less dense logs. Standard 1000mm blade.
Pre-Owned converting machines can be an accessible investment and beneficial for many tissue converters to expand current product lines, increase capacity, cover immediate product demands or for new companies to become part of the tissue converting industry. For that reason, at Servipap we promote, buy and provide Pre-Owned converting machines that are in fully operational condition and have been inspected by our technical team. In addition, installation and startup support can be provided upon request by our team of professional.


If you have a need to sell tissue converting machines that are in fully operational condition, CONTACT US
Long term business relationships have been strengthened with manufacturers of jumbo rolls of tissue, napkin, towels and core stock for constant supply and help our independent converters grow with them. In addition to the supply of the parent rolls, at SERVIPAP we can assist tissue converters with the logistics to the extend they prefer from arranging flexible pick up dates with their preferred carriers to arranging Door-to-Port shipping.


1-Ply Napkin
2-Ply Kitchen Towel
1-Ply Industrial Towel
1-Ply & 2-Ply Bath Tissue
TAD Bath Tissue & Towel


Exceptional quality and timely deliveries
Colors: light & dark brown, gray and white
Widths from 2.3” – 103” (60mm – 2620mm)
Basis Weights from 26# - 60# (130 – 300 g/m2)

Over the years, SERVIPAP has successfully completed a variety of projects for tissue converters. Whether converters are selling existing tissue converting machines, adding machines to expand capacity, or simply dismantling lines, our team of professionals is prepared to provide affordable and customized solutions for your converting needs.

Below is a brief summary of projects completed for tissue converters across the continent.

Supply (1) core elevator with Hopper and Conveyor USA Latin America
Load (1) complete napkin line with printing & packaging USA USA
Supply (1) rewinder for Away-From-Home products Latin America USA
Supply (2) wrappers for bathroom tissue (4 & 6 rolls format) Caribbean LatinAmerica
Supply (1) napkin machine for tall fold dispenser napkin Caribbean LatinAmerica
Supply (1) automatic converting line for bathroom tissue USA Latin America
Supply (1) log saw for Away-from-Home products USA Latin America
Supply (1) complete automatic tissue converting line with packaging Europe Latin America
Supply (1) core making machine Canada Latin America
Supply (1) rewinder for Away-from-Home products USA USA
Supply (1) napkin line for tall fold dispenser napkin Caribbean Caribbean
Supply (4) napkin folders for tall fold dispenser and lunch napkin Caribbean Caribbean
Supply (2) napkin folders for lunch napkin Caribbean Latin America
Supply (1) rewinder & log saw for Away-from-Home products Europe Latin America
Supply (1) core making machine USA Latin America
Supply (2) sets of embossing rolls for lamination units USA Latin America
Startup (1) napkin wrapping machine USA USA
Startup (1) napkin tall fold machine Caribbean Caribbean
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