Invest in state-of the art, fully automatic, high speed, gearless technology converting lines for maximum performance and safety.

Inspected Machines

Save without compromising the quality of your operation by choosing our professionally inspected, pre-owned equipment.

Parent rolls
& core board

With our parent rolls and core board choices, our connection with you goes beyond a machine transaction.


We are dedicated to ensuring your success.

Enhancement in Performance

From providing technical advice, to enhancing the converting process, we focus on an overall performance that can improve your costs, safety and boost production by integrating ancillary equipment to your operations.

Technical Services

Our team will evaluate your equipment and software, creating solutions that will improve your productivity, operation, and quality of your final product.

Spare Parts

We know the importance of running an efficient operation, which is why we supply spare parts for all of our new equipment and for a variety of pre-owned equipment.


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