Enhancement in Performance

We are able to provide to you a selection of supplementary equipment that can enhance the tissue converting process. From a variety of sophisticated conveyor systems and quality control machines for rolls and packs, to industrial shredders and balers, to parent rolls core stripping, we’re committed to the performance of your operation.


Technical Services

Ensuring your equipment is running smoothly is a crucial investment in the performance and productivity of your operations. We offer a range of mechanical and electronic services to ensure your equipment and software are running as designed. We’ll create solutions that will improve productivity, operation, the quality of your final product or simply troubleshoot. Our multinational team of engineers and service technicians are prepared to carry out a variety of jobs off-site and on-site.


Spare Parts

We understand the importance of keeping your machinery running in optimum condition. To help you achieve this, we supply a wide range of spare parts and components including innovative marrying rolls to increase product bulk and machine speed, rubber and steel embossing rolls, cutting blades, sharpening discs, belts and bands, motors, PLCs, servo drives, and more. Speak to one of our consultants who’ll help you keep your equipment running smoothly.